Head Office, Falcon Way

Our Structure

Tesco.com is a significant part of the UK's biggest retailer. We employ more than 20,000  people in total, of whom the vast majority work  in stores across the country. Some 600 are employed in our purpose-built offices in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

In a business like Dotcom the opportunities are endless.  Not only are we an important, and growing, part of Tesco PLC, we're also a self-sufficient part of the organisation, with our own marketing, IT and even finance divisions.  Which area you go into will depend on your strengths.

You might want to work within marketing, whether that means improving the range of products on the site, coming up with some great offers or improving our site design.  If you see yourself as a problem solver, then why not work for Operations Development, who research new ways to help our customers.  This is also a great area to work in if you have an interest in green issues, as environmental credentials are increasingly important in Dotcom. 

Working in Dotcom Operations means you’ll be in regular contact with our Tesco stores and distribution centres up and down the country, which is good if you think of yourself as a “People Person”.  If you are something of a globe-trotter, our International section could be just the thing for you, as you could be helping with our operations overseas.  If you enjoy travel a little closer to home, working for our Direct means you’ll help to source products sold on the site and regularly travel between head office and our fulfilment centres and depots.  And, of course, being an online retailer, we have plenty of vacancies in IT, whether it’s maintaining the site, programming or researching new applications.

You can find out more about our departments by following the links on this page. And who knows? We could be seeing you soon!